Setting up an Alt.

Although having an alt is against the Evony Terms and Services, they don’t ban for having one. Many players utilise alts due to the huge amounts of resources required for upgrades. With the most recent building requiring 525,000,000 food, the wonder level 1.

Storing food is a pain, you can store 12,000,000 food in the Alliance Warehouse a day with a maximum capacity of 120,000,000 at keep 30. Your in-city warehouse can hold a maximum of 150,000,000. This is with max research, monarch level 30 talent (Troop Upkeep), level 30 warehouse and the general called “Shajar al-Durr” on your wall who boosts your resource production by 100% and your troop consumption capacity by 200%. Although, this general isn’t yet available in the Tavern but can be obtained from the 100$ event packs.

With everything considered, you’re still going to find it hard having 525,000,000 food in your city with your troops constantly eating it. So, to get around this, you can use an alt. The best alt for storing food is one with very little food consumption. The way to do this is to have Tier 1 Siege. They’re cheap and can be made very quickly. Although, you will need a fair few of them to make it worth it. The ideal keep level for an alt is keep 25+. This is because you can get that 5th march, higher food consumption research and when you attack the alt with your main, you’ll be able to plunder your full capacity (evony made it so that hitting lower level keeps reduces your plunder capacity).

So, once you’ve got enough tier 1 siege, keep 25, a 5th march and good food consumption research, now what? Now you’re ready to reap the rewards of your hard work. Although, having an alt can be time consuming during the day. This is because there is still some maintenance with it. You’ll want to have the maximum amount of farms on the alt so that during SvS or KE, you can still be producing food without gathering. Also, it’s crucial to keep this alt bubbled, having tier 1 siege is a risk because 1 hit, they’re all dead – no hospital can save them.

Once your alt is up and running, you’re sending out gathers multiple times a day – do note that level 10+ tiles are the best to farm from during events that have the gifts, such as the holiday gifts because those tiles will give out a Super package each tile farmed which contain more resources and 50 Stamina which can be waybilled to your main (waybills can be obtained from smashing the 6 egg on your alt, you’ll get hammers for farming).

To get the resources from your alt, make sure to choose a secluded location on the map and ensure that you’re well protected and ready to bubble both accounts in case someone ports on you. Also, make sure to send out your tier 1 siege when farming from your alt or you’ll kill them all and have to rebuild them! A good alt can get about 50 – 100m food a day, ensuring that you’re sending out the gathers when the last one returns. Alts are pretty low maintenance once they’re up and running. A good way to keep them bubbled is to make sure you’re donating to the Alliance Science and purchasing 3 day bubbles from the Alliance shop for 100,000 points.

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  1. Great explanation. Note that as of 2019, siege that are “killed” are saved in the Trap Factory and can be recovered with diamonds.


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