10,000 weekly free gems – A how to guide.

There are four main ways of acquiring gems. Quests, Monarch Events, Daily Awards and Gathering. The easiest of the four being gathering.

  1. Quest gems.

Each day you can collect 200 gems from your quests, single player quests and alliance quests.

For the single player quests you must complete 10 tests throughout a period of 24 hours. Once the 10 taskes are completed you’ll be given your 100 gems.

As for the alliance quests, you’re given 5 taskes to complete within the 24 hour period. The tasks in this quest consist of, you guessed it, your alliance. Once all 5 are completed you’ll be awarded the 100 gems.

1400 gems in total are available each week if all tasks are completed each day.

2.   Monarch events

5 times a week, there are opportunities to snag yourself about 500 gems a day from scoring in the monarch events. The monarch competition consists of 4 one day events(500 gems available each day) and 1 three day event(about 1500 gems available over the 3 day period), the kill event. The monarch competitions require you to achieve a certain goal depending on the event. For completing the task, you gain points where 3 prizes are available each ‘event’, the top prize each time being the gems. Completing the monarch events each week means you can collect over 3,500 gems a week alone.

3. Daily Awards

The daily awards from the shrine are easy gems. There are two tiers of awards you can get, basic awards and advanced awards. Each tier lasts one week and will give you different items. Basic awards will give you 1200 gems a week, day one will award 200 gems and day seven, 1000. Advanced awards will give 2500 in total, day one giving 500 gems and day seven, 2000. To unlock advanced awards each week you have to give either 25 gems a day (most effective) or a tribute. You can give more than one offer a day, but it costs double each time. A cost effective way is to always purchase a tribute each day from the alliance shop costing 10,000 alliance points which can be gathered easily by donating resources.

If you remember to unlock advanced awards for the upcoming week you will gain another 2500 gems each week.

4. Gathering

Gathering gems is the most effective way of collecting gems as you have to do nothing in order to get them. Although there’s a high risk as you can be attacked whist gathering. Gathering gems takes long than gathering other resources for obvious reasons although can pay-off big time. The most effective time to gather gems is when you’re sleeping as you can gather gems for over 24 hours without having to recall.

If you have VIP over level 5 and advanced dispatch you can have 4 marches out at a time collecting whilst you sleep and in the morning waking up to over 600 gems(150 per march). This can add up to over 4,200 gems each week.

Each week the world boss spawns for the weekend, you can hit it 5 times for free and each hit, you get at least 100 gems. This’ll give you an extra 500 gems every week!

If you’re successful in following this, you’ll have over 10,000 gems each week!

1400+3500+2500+4200+500 = 12,100 gems in total if you’ve followed this correctly.


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