Server Wars! What you NEED to know. 

Server Wars are quickly approaching and there isn’t much information out there.

So, how do you obtain points? Points can be obtained by killing enemy monsters, bosses or troops. Killing monsters or bosses in your server won’t do you any good, unless you’re stealing them from the enemy server.

Here are a few tips to get you through the event and keep you on top.


  • Be bubbled at all times whilst in your server, don’t let the enemy gain points off of you.
  • Don’t gather! Although resources are crucial for buildings and troops, it just isn’t worth the risk! Enemy’s will attack them at any given opportunity as they’re free kills.
  • Kill as many bosses as you can, in your server. What’s better than preventing your enemy from gaining some easy points?
  • Set up a trap. Use someone with a keep from level 16-20 and make sure they have a high reinforcement capacity. Fill them all the way up with t10 troops (or as higher tier as you can) and wait! As long as the enemy isn’t with friends, you’ll be golden. In the case that they are with friends, get the trapped person to bubble up.
  • You can locate enemies in your server by using this trick here


  • You can not bubble whilst in the enemy server, although you do get a temporary bubble lasting 5 minutes when first porting over. They can’t be applied whilst in the enemy server.
  • When attacking enemy players, send a camp of your troops right next to them as to avoid them having preparation time. Launching your attack from the camp will give you an advantage.
  • Kill bosses! Although it seems pretty obvious they give tonnes of points and also give speedups.
  • Get watchtower level 17 before you think of attack enemies. This is because at level 17, you can see their reinforcements. They can reinforce one person hoping you’ll attack them and when you do, you’ll die.
  • When you’re in the enemy server, you’re going to be a target, if you start getting attacked and you have a march out, you can’t teleport. Send all your troops out so there’s nothing to kill at your castle. This will keep the enemies from gaining valuable points.
  • Use your teleports, don’t just use advanced teleports, use random ones too, if you’re about to be hit and have no troops out, use a random teleport. You might teleport near some easy bosses.

Remember, you only get prizes if you participate (300,000+points), that means if you kill a few monsters or bosses in their server, you’ll still get prizes. It’s worth it.

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